Tako Boy Studios aims to craft games with 3 major goals in mind: beautiful, charming visuals utilizing pixel art in a refreshing way; juicy game feel that makes every action on screen feel satisfying; and an overall fun experience that brings joy and excitement to both the moment to moment gameplay and the progression a player feels as they see themselves growing.


Tako Boy Studios began when Tom Ferrer and Phil Giarrusso, both with several years experience freelancing on the indie development scene, came together to bring a new project to life. What started as a friendly DM exchange turned into something much more. Both of these developers were yearning for a new chapter of their lives where they could focus on games they truly wanted to make.

Working remotely, on opposite coasts, Tom and Phil poured hundreds of hours into developing the spook-tacular, sugar-coated arcade rogue-lite game, Candies 'n Curses. The idea was originally thought up by Tom, but through a process similar to the refinement of sugar (probably) they worked together to build the game into what it is now.

They're currently working hard on new content for Candies 'n Curses, with another exciting project just over the horizon.